February 16, 2007

Hello Kung Phooey Fans!

Thanks to everyone for the tremendous response to our video/DVD release! We've been in sell-through for about a year now, and our distributor is really happy with the numbers. Unfortunately, on the producer side of things, it doesn't look hopeful that we'll make our break-even. But, that's not what a first film is about really, right? I've been working on another project lately, that may be a suspense thriller! (How's that for change from comedy?) In addition, Thinkfilm has expressed interest in a sequel? Where would we go with that?

It's really great to hear from all of you that you're enjoying the fruits of all our hard work and please spread the word to anyone you think will also enjoy it - without the big advertising budgets of the Studios, word-of-mouth is the only way we're going to get noticed! We're at Blockbuster, Hollywood Video and all the major video chains, including Netflix, or be a pal and just buy a copy from Amazon.com for $7.99! Maybe only a dollar of that will get back to us, but it all adds up!

That's all for now! Please let Rey know that you dig his site design, and we hope you'll enjoy all the goodies including Kent Carter's "Kung Phooey Theme Song" FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD!

Ciao for now -

Darryl Fong

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